Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Trident Alert: Watch August 24

Sunday, August 24, 2014, is worthy of your attention. As you know, if you are a frequent reader here, tridents have been in the news of late, associated with deaths, disasters, and destructive dramas. The weekend date overlaps with a prominent trident event.

August 24th links directly to a frequently noted trident, for that date is Independence Day or Den' Nezalezhnosti, celebrating the independence of Ukraine from the Soviet Union in 1991.

The state coat of arms of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Державний Герб України) or commonly the Tryzub (Ukrainian: Тризуб, “trident”) is the national coat of arms of Ukraine, featuring the same colors found on the Ukrainian flag; a blue shield with a gold trident. It represents the triune God on earth and in heaven. Source.
The first known archeological and historical evidence of this symbol can be found on the seals of the Rurik dynasty. It was stamped on the gold and silver coins issued by Prince Volodymer the Great (980–1015). Source.

Guess who has just been deployed to Ferguson, Missouri?

Asymmetric Solutions USA (note the trident) - see link below in comments

A large number of deadly historical events have been traditionally tied to August 24th. They include:

27 BC – 476 AD – The date of the first of the three Mundus patet, a harvest feast involving the dead, is celebrated during the Roman Empire.
79 AD – Mount Vesuvius erupts. The cities of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae are buried in volcanic ash.
410 – The Visigoths under king Alaric I begin to pillage Rome.
455 – The Vandals, led by king Genseric, begin to plunder Rome.
1185 – Sack of Thessalonica by the Normans.
1349 – Six thousand Jews are killed in Mainz after being blamed for the bubonic plague.
1391 – Jews are massacred in Palma de Mallorca.
1482 – The town and castle of Berwick upon Tweed is captured from Scotland by an English army.
1516 – The Ottoman Empire under Selim I defeats the Mamluk Sultanate and captures present-day Syria at the Battle of Marj Dabiq.
1814 – British troops invade Washington, D.C. and during the Burning of Washington the White House, the Capitol and many other buildings are set ablaze.
1816 – The Treaty of St. Louis is signed by Ninian Edwards, William Clark, and Auguste Chouteau for the United States and representatives of the Council of Three Fires (united tribes of Ottawa, Ojibwa, and Potawatomi) in St. Louis, Missouri. (Ferguson and St. Louis, Missouri are in the news during August, 2014; see here.)
1821 – The Treaty of Córdoba is signed in Córdoba, now in Veracruz, Mexico, concluding the Mexican War of Independence from Spain. (The recent deaths of relatives of Pope Francis occurred near Córdoba, on August 19, 2014; see here.)
1929 – Second day of two-day Hebron massacre during the 1929 Palestine riots: Arab attacks on the Jewish community in Hebron in the British Mandate of Palestine, resulting in the death of 65-68 Jews and the remaining Jews being forced to leave the city. (The new 2014 conflicts in Gaza appear to directly stem from the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teens; their bodies were found in Hebron; see here.)
1954 – Getúlio Dornelles Vargas, president of Brazil, commits suicide and is succeeded by João Café Filho. (A Brazilian presidential candidate died in a plane crash on August 13, 2014; see here.)
2004 – Eighty-nine passengers die after two airliners explode at around 23:00 after flying out of Domodedovo International Airport, near Moscow. The explosions are caused by suicide bombers (reportedly female) from the Russian Republic of Chechnya. (Shades of the downing of MH17? See here.)

Will August 24, 2014, bring forth new significant deaths, a volcanic eruption, towns invaded & occupied, cities burned, assassinations, suicides, and terrorist attacks? Will tridents be in the mix, in some fashion, symbolically or literally? Red dawns and Auroras? Only time will tell. In the meantime, be safe.

Afterword: August 21, 2014

August 24th is also the Christian Feast Day, in the Roman Catholic and Anglican churches, for Bartholomew. Bartholomew is the Son of Ptolemy, and Ptolemy means "Son of War." For more on this name/date game, please see Chris Savia's "The Synchromysticism of Seth MacFarlane," posted August 21, 2014. He also talks of the rumblings in Iceland there. Also, Todd Campbell pointed out to me today that Goro, in his "Horus of the Horizon," is pointing an event horizon on August 24th, as well.

Finally, for those assuming that my focus is all negative, let me share a bit of background. Carl Jung was interested in the use and interplay of synchronicity in its application of probabilistic predictions, and those that most often appealed to him in support of his concept of acausality. If we can predict disasters, especially ones produced by humans, and prevent them, then Jung's thoughts can be reframed as he saw them, positively. Predicting what are seen as "negative" events may be an easy target for overt criticism, but these media-driven, recognizable moments are exactly the kinds of predictions that I consider to be possible. Prevention work is often misunderstood.

The instrument of destruction mostly under study, and the behaviors predicted, are of and from the humans, not the stars. It is Homo sapiens who are the ones responding to the anniversaries, remembrances, and independence days on their human internal clocks, tied to their current calendar.

Wars, invasions, cities in turmoil, suicides, murders, crashes, and more, ah, rest with the human factor, not an astronomical one. The so-called "anniversary syndrome" is strong in these primates, my fellows. This is based on an annual accounting in a contemporary landscape, dear friends. So it is and so it shall be.

Now if that volcano in Iceland goes off over the weekend, we'll just have to write that off to one of Carl Jung's "coincidences," correct?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Death in the Pope's Family

Tragedy struck in Argentina today. Deaths continue away from the limelight of Ferguson, Gaza, and Tiburon. 

A car crash in Argentina killed three members of Pope Francis' family on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, at about 12:30 a.m. A truck struck the car the nephew was driving on a highway in Córdoba.

The Argentinian newspaper El Clarín says the accident occurred near the town of James Craik, in Córdoba. Córdoba was founded in 1613 by the Jesuit Order. Because of this, Córdoba earned the nickname La Docta (roughly translated, "The Learned one").

Police say two of the Pope's grand-nephews and the boys' mother died in the crash that left the pontiff's nephew, Emanuel Horacio Bergoglio, 38, in critical condition. The Bergoglio's Chevrolet is shown above.

Killed were Bergoglio's sons - 8-month-old Jose and 2-year-old Antonio -- and his wife, Valeria Carmona, 39.

Pope Francis, the former Jorge Mario Bergoglio, served the Roman Catholic Church in Argentina for 43 years, including 15 years as archbishop of Buenos Aires. He succeeded Pope Benedict XVI as leader of the church in March 2013.

The town of James Craik, intriguingly, was named after James Craik, an Englishman.
Su nombre se debe a James Craik, empresario inglés, que en 1881 ocupó la gerencia del Ferrocarril Central Argentino.En realidad su nombre primitivo era "Chañares" y por una costumbre de uso al denominarse la estación de ferrocarril James Craik fue generando la costumbre de llamarla así. So the Wikipedia page the name of the town refers to an English businessman, James Craik, who in 1881 was the manager of the Central Argentine Railway. The former name of the town was 'Chañares', but because the railway station was named after James Craik, the whole town was eventually known with that name.
A h/t to Red Pill Junkie for some curious questions about this news.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ferguson, Tritons, and Tridents

You do not need this blog to tell you what is occurring in Ferguson, Missouri. It is all over the news. (Here's the timeline. Here's a summary about the shooting of Michael Brown and the demonstrations there that have turned violent.)

You may be interested, however, in what I mentioned on Twitter about this location on August 11th.

"Ferguson" is generally defined as the nearby city (just north of) and the neighorhood for the University of Missouri-St. Louis. The team name for that school is Tritons, and their logo incorporates tridents.

The only other college in the USA that shares the Tritons/tridents symbolism is the University of California-San Diego.

Coming next week...a roundtable of synchromystic writers comment on the meaning behind why so many tridents are being seen in recent incidents of note.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Lauren Bacall, Forteans, Maserati, and Tridents

Lauren Bacall, the legendary film and stage actress who was known for her distinctive husky voice and sultry looks, died on August 12, 2014, at the age of 89 in a New York City hospital of an apparent stroke, noted ABC7News. The announcement came from the Humphrey Bogart estate.

Bacall's death followed by a day the passing of Robin Williams, whose middle name is McLaurin.

Director Howard Hawks gave Bacall the first name "Lauren" during her screen test for To Have or Have Not (1944). In that film, with Humphrey Bogart (whom she would later marry), when she uttered the one of the most famous lines in Hollywood history: "You don't have to say anything, and you don't have to do anything. Not a thing. Oh, maybe just whistle. You know how to whistle, don't you, Steve? You just put your lips together and blow."

Her last name was created from her mother's maiden name. Lauren Bacall was born Betty Joan Perske in the Bronx, the daughter of Jewish immigrants. Her parents divorced when Betty was 8, and the mother took part of her family name, Bacal. Betty added the extra L when she became an actress.

When I conveyed the news that Lauren Bacall had died on a Fortean forum last night, one wag came back with the sarcastic retort, "Alas, no trident."

The individual should have known better. Forteans are skeptically openminded, but we are no fools. The person, a friend actually, should have known that if ones looks, probably a discovery would be made.

In this period of history, it does appear that tridents are in evidence all around, literally and/or metaphorically, in deaths and disasters. Synchronicity works that way. Coincidences too. Read Jung. Or Charles Fort.

Lauren Bacall, it turns out, was the headliner for Maserati's re-thrust into the American market.

The company website for Maserati History related it this way: "In 2001, after 12 year absence from the US market, Maserati returns to the United States. A car manufacturer who can pass the quality and safety tests in the USA is ready for any challenge, and it is no coincidence that this return is celebrated in great style during the gala evening at the Italian American Cancer Foundation. The room is full of famous personalities such as Lauren Bacall, Ivana Trump, Umberto Veronesi."

Please note, Maserati used the phrase "no coincidence," I didn't.

For those following the Trident syncs this year, the Maserati Trident (with the company celebrating its 100th year) has been a focus of some synchromystic discussions.

Maseratis are getting in the news, as I write. See here.

The Maserati, as shown here in True Detective
has as its logo, the trident.

It is not presently known if Humphrey Bogart or Lauren Bacall ever owned one of Maserati's sports cars named the Trident. They did like sports cars.

The couple is shown here with son Stephen in and out of their Jaguar XK 120.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams, Former Trident Busboy, Dies By The Sea

One of the Marin County local legends that is authentic is that Robin Williams worked as a busboy at Sausalito's famed restaurant, the Trident, in the late 1960s. The Trident was the hangout for the likes of Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Peter, Paul and Mary and The Byrds. Janis Joplin, Jerry Garcia, Joan Baez, Clint Eastwood, Bill Cosby, the Smothers Brothers and rock promoter Bill Graham hung out there.

Moviegoers can see the inside decor of The Trident in a scene in the Woody Allen film, Play it Again, Sam (1972). The Trident, 558 Bridgeway, closed in 1980, but opened again as the Trident in 2012.

(I lived in San Francisco in 1974-1975, but spent weeks in Marin County, often staying specifically in the Tiburon group home I directed. I also ate at The Trident with my Sausalito girlfriend. It was interesting times. The first movie I saw when I moved to the Bay Area was Play It Again, Sam, and as the film unfolds, I discovered I was sitting in the very theater where the motion picture begins. Talk about synchronicity.)
The Trident, reports Our Sausalito, is "one of Sausalito's best-known big-view extravaganza restaurants at the heart of downtown, arguably one of the two most fabled restaurant buildings in town." The story of Robin Williams working there is a local true story.

In the 1960s the old Trident Restaurant was owned by the Kingston Trio, and it has been a long-time destination for musicians recording at local studios like The Record Plant. Janis Joplin had her own table here (at the far right on the window as you face the Bay), and the Stones were feted here by Bill Graham after a concert in 1974. A teen-aged Robin Williams worked here as a busboy in the late 1960s. Source.

On August 11, 2014, comedic actor Robin Williams was discovered dead at his northern California home, law enforcement officials said. Williams was 63.

Robin Williams home
95 St Thomas Way
Tiburon, CA 94920 ‎

Investigators suspect "the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia," according to a statement from the Marin County, California, sheriff's office. Marin County authorities are reporting it as death by hanging.

Williams' body was found inside his home in Tiburon, California.

My Mexican correspondent, Red Pill Junkie reminds me that "Tiburón means 'shark' in Spanish. So there's a bit of a 'Neptunian' connection there. Interestingly enough, Discovery Channel's Shark Week started last Sunday."

Robin's favorite animal wasn't the shark, but dolphins -- the "clowns of the ocean'."

Tiburon is in Marin County. Marin is from Latin Marinus, from marinus (“of or pertaining to the sea”).

I recently penned a blog posting entitled "The Paradise Syndrome: Celebrity Suicides," noting again the link to the "Hemingway Curse." Robin Williams and Ernest Hemingway shared the same birthday - July 21st. (H/T to TravisV for the birthday heads up.)

Needless to say, I never would have imagined that looking into the suicide of Robin Williams I would discover the Trident syncs of late would strike to the heart of this news. Sad. Frightening. And impossible to ignore.


As I note in my book The Copycat Effect, Robin Williams' powerful movie role in The Fisher King figures in two mass shootings that involve elements of murder-suicides.

The copycat effect, regarding the case of San Ysidro McDonald's Massacre and the Luby's Cafeteria Massacre, has been discovered to be rather apparent and clear.

On October 16, 1991, George Hennard drove a 1987 Ford Ranger pickup truck into Killeen, Bell County, Texas’ Luby's Cafeteria. He jumped out and screamed: “This is what Bell County has done to me!”

Hennard shouted this while opening fire with a Glock 17 and then a Ruger P89, shooting to death 23 people, and finally killing himself with a shot to his head. At the time, this was the worst mass murder in US history, only to be surpassed by the Virginia Tech shootings of April 16, 2007.

On Hennard's dead body police found a ticket for The Fisher King, a 1991 Robin Williams movie. The film stars Jeff Bridges as a shock radio DJ Jack Lucas, who has a fan that takes the character Lucas's rants literally and goes to a restaurant with a gun, murdering guiltless diners. The motion picture’s massacre resembles the one carried out by Hennard.

Before George Hennard crashed his truck into Luby's cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, on October 16, 1991, he had also watched a documentary (on videotape) at his home about a similar mass murderer, James Huberty, who killed 21 people at the San Ysidro California McDonald's on July 18, 1984. Huberty was shot to death by a SWAT sniper, in a "suicide by cop" situation. Some reports indicate Hennard viewed the Huberty tape several times.


Still in another movie role, Robin Williams as Peter Pan in Hook syncs with another underlying theme to be found within the Twilight Language. See here, here and in "Peter Pan/Hook Deaths" from 2010, for examples.


Need help? In the U.S., call 1-800-273-8255
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The current Trident sync to Robin Williams is rather unbelievable, yet there it is.

These are Trident Twilight Language, recent selections are:

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Director Zack Snyder Defends Aquaman Due to His...Trident

You really can't make these kinds of syncs up. Right after posting "Several Sites Are Studying Trident Syncs," one comes of another trident moment from the universe of comic books and superheroes.

IGN News' Jim Vejvoda penned an interesting little bit of popular culture news about how "Batman v Superman Director Zack Snyder Defends Aquaman on Detroit Radio."

Disturbed by what he was hearing from some disc jockeys who were criticizing Aquaman, Snyder phoned in his defense: 
The cool thing with Aquaman is he has his trident. You have to realize that could cut the flesh of Superman if they came in contact. That's a thing that's in the canon. He's super strong because, of course, he can exist at these super deep depths. So when he comes up here, he's crazy strong. Anyway, not to say he's in my movie or anything like that, but he has the potential to be bad ass, that's all I’m saying.
That's right. Because Aquaman has a trident!

Friday, August 08, 2014

Several Sites Are Studying Trident Syncs

Tridents are all around us. Across the blogosphere, linkages and syncs related to tridents are a hot topic. Here's a quick overview of a few of those locations with the hyperlinks to some specific postings. Enjoy. Think. Consider.

Todd Campbell's Through the Looking Glass continues to examine the trident syncs in several of his recent blog postings, many of which overlap with mine:

Red Dirt Report offers the following to digest, with tridents, here and there:

India's 911: Synchronicity and Coincidence in Mumbai


The following is the image that goes with Darren's comment below about his "sinker" blog that just coincidentally has Neptune and a trident (unmentioned) as part of his posting.